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March 5, 2008

There may not necessarily be easy answers out there, but there are other parents dealing with preschool bullies.  Whether your child is the bully or victim, I believe the answers are hard to find, but if we talk about potential solutions instead of just being surprised, we may at least learn to protect our children by trying out suggestions.  Visitors to my site are looking for “how to handle preschool age bullies,”  “preschooler no longer wants to go to school,” “how to make a preschooler behave,” and “bullies hitting back.”  And those visits are just from the past two days, but lots of folks are just visiting.  If you’re looking at how to deal with these problems, I would like to invite you again to leave a comment.  What are you dealing with, and what are you looking for?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but maybe I can find one for you.  Parents out there are exploring their problem publically, too.  A site I found today has a fresh entry this week on this very problem.  You might want to check out “Twins Beautiful Life” here

Shared concerns

February 5, 2008

Over at, there was an entry a couple weeks back that I just picked up over a Technorati search on preschool bullies.  The question posed there is:  How does your preschooler behave in school?   

 Well there’s the rub, eh?  How do you know how your preschooler behaves in school?  I assume I’m like most parents in admitting that I really don’t know.  I hope my son’s teachers will tell me when he’s been out of line, but otherwise, I believe that he’s going to behave at school in much the same way he behaves at home, and for some reason I believe maybe he’s going to behave a little better.  I have no reason to believe this.  I’ve not watched a session of him at school. 

I’m acting on a warped system of faith here. 

Anyway, the concern over at was linked to the ABC report on the Yale study  from the Detroit Free Press on preschool expulsions that I discovered in a South Bend Tribune piece. 

ABC’s report is eye-opening.  I’m not surprised with its case of Janine Butler who was threatened with knives, scratched and hit.  I was a camp counselor for special needs adolescents for several summers and had a young man scratch my wrists with his fingernails until he was pulled off.  His mental capacity was probably along the lines of that of a toddler, so there were no hard feelings until he came back the next day and tried it again. 

What are you supposed to do in a situation like that?  “Author Walter Gilliam, director of the Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, told that he didn’t set out to study preschool expulsions. But when he was analyzing publicly funded prekindergarten policies at 3,898 schools in 40 states, he found expulsion rates three times higher than for older grades.”  That’s a problem, no?  Who’s to blame?  The headline of the piece suggests parents, schools and poverty as potential culprits.  What say you?