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Let’s be Honest

October 8, 2008

From Forbes:

McCain claims:

“They’re the ones that, with the encouragement of Senator Obama and his cronies and his friends in Washington, that went out and made all these risky loans, gave them to people that could never afford to pay back.” 
Obama claims:  “I’ve got to correct a little bit of Senator McCain’s history, not surprisingly. … In fact, Senator McCain’s campaign chairman’s firm was a lobbyist on behalf of Fannie Mae, not me.”
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.  If we’re being honest, it’s not the fault of anybody in Washington, it’s not the fault of anybody at the banks, it’s not the fault of the individual mortgage agent who told you your original interest rate and how much you qualified for.  It’s your fault. 
I recognize predatory lenders exist, and I’ve been seduced by easy lines of credit, but as a consumer I’m getting smarter, and I’m learning what I can and can’t afford.  When my wife and I learned we qualified for 3 times as much as our combined income for a home mortgage loan, and we learned the monthly payment on such a loan would be 3 times as much as we were paying in rent at the time, we knew — let me say that again, we KNEW — we could not afford such a loan. 
We were ignorant about a lot of things regarding our mortgage, and a lot of education needs to happen for the average American consumer of loans.  At the same time, a little common sense goes a long way. 
We need a president who can change the climate of sense in this country.  We need a president who can say things we aren’t going to like, but who we can appreciate for telling us.  We need real straight talk, not the fake talk we get from the candidate who claims to provide it straight. 
I want sense.  I don’t want gut reactions.