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Doubt’s Reception

February 9, 2008

South Bend Civic Theatre’s (SBCT) Doubt received a nice preview article in the South Bend Tribune yesterday morning.  And last night, the review was posted on-line. 

The very presence of doubt in our minds, complicates how we look at the world.  Some of us find it crippling.  Those of us who do are unable to function.  We are unable to take action.  But some of us overcompensate for our internal doubt.  We don’t want to appear weakened by uncertainty, so we choose our action and sometimes do so blindly.  Ultimately, however, it appears the only way out of doubt is to take a  leap of faith. 

It is therefore of particular note that SBCT’s presentation of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, A Parable opens at the start of Lenten season, as Lent represents a time for cleansing and reconciliation.  It is a time of reflection and self-assessment.  When was the last time you were absolutely certain, only to be proved wrong?  Doubt provides no answers.  When nothing is clear, how do you know you’re right?

The Sunday before Doubt, A Parable opened at SBCT, the Gospel reading at Mass was of Jesus’ temptation and doubt in the desert.  Sometimes the only way to conquer our demons is to take that leap of faith.  

Father’s Homily — possibly a parable — included a moment in his life when he experienced doubt.  It’s not an easy devil to defeat.   

The play runs through February 17th.  Maybe I’ll see you next Friday instead of at Stations of the Cross.