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Another case for Universal Preschool

February 19, 2008

While much of my focus is on pre-school bullies, and I’ve suggested universal pre-school as a possible starting point for combating biters, kickers, hitters and all around abusers, there are broader calls with what some might argue to be stronger arguments for universal pre-school offerings. 


USA Today’s editorial blog from February 18 presents some of those arguments.  The editorial board of USA Today recognizes that in order to combat high school dropout rates and graduate more students from high school who will go on to earn more than their non-grad counterparts, early intervention is one tool to keep kids in school. 


From addressing attendance and literacy problems early on, more students may be likely and willing to stay in school even if their state does not mandate their attendance.  Commitment to universal pre-school suggests to me a similar commitment to the needs of young children and their future success.  If communities are not investing in the educational needs of their children, what kind of future does that community face?