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No Child Left Behind at the High School

October 29, 2008

CNN informs us that the current administration is seeking to push NCLB at the secondary level in these last few months of their time at the helm of policy

Now I don’t disagree that dropping out of high school is a tragedy, and ashamedly I admit that I witnessed more than 10 percent of my Senior English class dropped from my original, first day of school roster over the course of 36 weeks.  That means of the 3 classes of 32 each I started with, I ended the school year with more than a dozen students missing from the original roster.  Some graduated in January.  Some went on to our night school program where students are eligible to fulfill their English requirements online.  Some dropped out entirely with plans to work at the factory down the road. 

It’s wonderful to target dropouts, but I’d like to know how the federal government would like local schools to go about making students turn in work that they do not turn in.

Admittedly, we failed to educate the student wishing to drop out and work in the factory down the road because that student clearly had no idea how to read his world.  There are no job opportunities in the factory down the road.  In fact, the factory down the road produces gas guzzling dinosaurs and is laying off workers — not hiring. 

When it comes to increasing our graduation rate, I’d like to know how to encourage the upper-classman to focus on schoolwork as her family struggles to make ends meet.  Are the feds planning on interviewing these drop-outs to find out why they drop out?