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Defining the Issues with Clarity

September 18, 2008

That’s a better title.  It establishes clearer purpose.   

I suggested yesterday that defining election year terms like elitist might be a useful way to spend the next weeks approaching the American presidential election, but what I really want to do is seek true definition of the issues and not just terms. 

Today’s issue is not really a timely issue as it’s been overshadowed by “the economy, stupid.”

But when we talk about victory in Iraq, what exactly does that mean?  What is victory supposed to look like?  How is victory to be defined?  Is it like pornography and we’ll know it when we see it?  Is victory achieved when the pre-war goals are achieved?  Does anyone remember what the pre-war goals were anymore? 

I recognize by asking these questions that I am not defining any issue with clarity as the title suggests here.  And I recognize by asking these questions I am opening myself to criticism by those who believe I am suggesting we “cut and run.”   However, I am of the opinion that we fix the mess we made. 

I am of the “Pottery Barn rule.”  I know why we are there; I hoped it was for other reasons, and as the build up suggested it was not for the reasons I believed in, I hoped a more solid case would be built.  Alas. 

The reasons for are as moot as the reasons against.  We are there.  But when politicians talk about Iraq in terms of victory and defeat, what does it mean for the United States to be victors?  Is victory only victory if we are not defeated?

Definitions please

September 17, 2008

As we approach the election in November, I’d like to explore the definitions of some campaign terms that keep coming up. 

First, I’d like to know what exactly an elitist is. 

What goes into the definition of elitist?  Is it snobbery?  Is it pedantry?  Is it wealth? 

How does one measure elitism? 

I ask because Mark Preston, Political Editor for CNN, blogged today about Lynn Forester de Rothschild — former Senator Clinton supporter — and her new support for Senator McCain.  Forester de Rothschild feels Senator Obama is an elitist and she can’t trust him.  I have no problem with someone believing, feeling and claiming they can’t trust a candidate, but I’d like to know what the elitism charge is all about. 

I’m particularly curious how a member of DNC’s Democrats Abroad who splits her time between New York City and London and is married to Sir de Rothschild can call someone an elitist.  But maybe I’m just proving the point.  I must be — in my 30 year mortgaged single home, non-vacation home owning, single city living, ten year old car driving, wondering why my lawn mower had to break down now thinking — an elitist.

If elitism sounds something like this:  “In case you’re wondering, ‘Crime, gee, I dunno’ is the moment when I decided to kick your a**,” then count me in.  Thank you Aaron Sorkin.