Definitions please

As we approach the election in November, I’d like to explore the definitions of some campaign terms that keep coming up. 

First, I’d like to know what exactly an elitist is. 

What goes into the definition of elitist?  Is it snobbery?  Is it pedantry?  Is it wealth? 

How does one measure elitism? 

I ask because Mark Preston, Political Editor for CNN, blogged today about Lynn Forester de Rothschild — former Senator Clinton supporter — and her new support for Senator McCain.  Forester de Rothschild feels Senator Obama is an elitist and she can’t trust him.  I have no problem with someone believing, feeling and claiming they can’t trust a candidate, but I’d like to know what the elitism charge is all about. 

I’m particularly curious how a member of DNC’s Democrats Abroad who splits her time between New York City and London and is married to Sir de Rothschild can call someone an elitist.  But maybe I’m just proving the point.  I must be — in my 30 year mortgaged single home, non-vacation home owning, single city living, ten year old car driving, wondering why my lawn mower had to break down now thinking — an elitist.

If elitism sounds something like this:  “In case you’re wondering, ‘Crime, gee, I dunno’ is the moment when I decided to kick your a**,” then count me in.  Thank you Aaron Sorkin.

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3 Responses to “Definitions please”

  1. Leo Hubbard Says:

    Ah, well, see, she’s not an elitist. She’s a dilettante. There’s a difference. Elitism is measured in the number of degrees you have, whereas dilettantes have more jewelry.

    Seriously, though, elitism is defined in the same way insecure men define “pink.” If another dude is wearing it, it’s pink. If you’re wearing it, it’s salmon. The beauty of the word is that it has no solid definition, so you can pin it on someone and make it sound negative.

    Because God knows, our leaders should be just like us. Maybe worse. Maybe dumber. In a crisis, I’d rather have the person who would be fun to have a beer with than the person who has a staggeringly complex worldview and an astonishingly thorough grasp of international affairs.


  2. macoffeegrounds Says:

    Mr. Hubbard — I like your irony.
    And when I wear pink, it’s pink.

  3. Dad Says:

    I didn’t know until this year that an elite person is one who eats arugula. It turns out I like arugula. It is a kind of lettuce. It actually grows wild in places so I guess it’s also a kind of weed. Also, I guess if you drink milk in your coffee your an elite person. That is if you call it by a french name.
    So here I am an arugula eating, latte drinking elitist who lost his pension and his health care benefits because the employer he worked for for 30 years decided to go bankrupt. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to work for an investment firm that the government decided was too important to go bankrupt. No, I worked for a steel company that George Bush decided did not merit protection from unfair foreign steel pricing. Now that my company is no longer in business, look what George has done to the price of steel. Steel companies today realize a greater price for their scrap than we did for our prime product.
    But that’s the free market at work. Or is it?

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