Don’t forget to remove your underwear before putting on your bathing suit

When I came home last night, my wife said to Boy, “Honey, when you put on your bathing suit, don’t forget to take off your underwear first.” 

He earnestly replied, “Okay, Mama.”

Boy and Big Sister are participating in a week long day camp this week at our local YMCA.  Included every day is time in the pool, but as I asked my wife about her exchange with Boy, I started to get a little concerned. 

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you may wonder if I worry too much, but not only did Boy neglect to remove his underwear prior to swimming, leaving him commando for the remainder of camp, but evidently his locker was immediately next to Big Sister’s, and he temporarily lost his shorts while swimming because he neglected to put said shorts into assigned locker. 

 My first thought was:  “Where was his camp counselor during all this?”

I worked at a special needs camp during and immediately after college where a number of my wards had similar mental capacities to both my 3 year old and my 6 year old, and as counselor, I was responsible for making sure they removed their underwear before putting on their bathing suits and that all their stuff found their way into their lockers.

But then it registered that Big Sister and Boy were in the same locker room.  I didn’t have a big problem with that, until I realized that all the boys and girls may have been sharing a locker room.  Sure, they’re little, but if you knew what Big Sister learned on the bus this year from peers in kindergarten who had big brothers in 4th and 5th grade, you might be a little concerned too. 

For now, I just hope Boy remembered to remove his underwear before swimming today. 


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