Let me be hypocritical a moment

I’m not usually a strong advocate for censorship. 

I shiver at the warnings from Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, and I see our society on course to fulfill many of the social catastrophes predicted for a society that no longer pays attention.  From Mildred’s constant need to be plugged into her seashells and television walls to the adolescent need to perform public acts of violence and the failure to ask why instead of how, I see us on the same path, facing a clear and present danger. 

A father in a restaurant last night with his bluetooth earpiece ignored his three children over the course of their meal as he watched television and talked on his phone.  Middle schoolers are beating up other middle schoolers in horrible wildings and recording it for YouTube.   

What has happened to our moral compass? 

It doesn’t help us raise our children when a catalog for kid clothes and furniture tarts up the models for the cover of the magazine.  A young girl on a beach sipping a red drink from a tulip glass usually reserved for margaritas.  Just inside the front cover a group of four children with a pitcher full of same red drink outside of a beach bar with umbrellas in their tulip glasses. 

The Bratz dolls had a similar ski chalet with blender and bar a couple Christmas toy catalogs ago.  Sure, they’re making milkshakes. 

I don’t want to censor, but I’d like various media industries to make my life as a parent a little bit easier.  Is that asking too much? 


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