I wonder.

Who is reading me locally?  I have linked to MomsMichiana.com, so I imagine I have some local folks reading.  I ask because the front page of the family section of the South Bend Tribune (SBT) tackled the local angle of a topic I wrote about back in February, and while I’ve been remiss in fulfilling my promise to write about executive function and inhibitory control, I still promise to do so. 

Until then, in the SBT article, Howard Dukes discovered local preschool programs working on executive function development, but the title of the program’s different from Tools of the Mind.  I don’t know how related they are or what adaptations have been made, and maybe they’re exactly the same, but “plan, do, review” looks awfully similar.  Dukes cites Adele Diamond, an important child development researcher today, who was cited in the Tools of the Mind story featured in February on National Public Radio. 

“Plan, do, review” comes from High Scope Educational Research Foundation.  You now have two similar curriculums and you know them by name, so when you’re looking for preschools with effective conflict resolution programs and they cite “plan, do, review” or Tools of the Mind, then you can be confident the curriculum is attempting to address a child’s executive function and inhibitory control development. 

Whether you be local or international, I hope I’m helping you out here.  Don’t be shy.  Leave a comment, and if you’ve got some advice, we’d love to hear it.


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3 Responses to “I wonder.”

  1. kala Says:

    I know this has nothing to do about your blog but i found something interesting about Exodus and I wanted you to check it out. I think it has a strong connection with the actual ship voyage in exodus. Here is the link http://wymaninstitute.org/special/photoexhibit2.php
    thank you

  2. Leo Hubbard Says:

    High/Scope is a great organization. My high school choir director was a big fan and teaches at their camps every summer. I was lucky enough to have a chance to be a counselor for a weekend camp she led there. I really like their method.

    And I should say, as a local reader, I really like this blog.

  3. jules Says:

    my nephew was bullied, as i was as a child. i try to make him realize that he doesnt need to be embarised, as i was and that is why i never told anyone. my heart broke when i witnessed it first hand. we have spent so much energy in encouraging him and building his self esteem only to have it ripped out from under him.

    i, personally, was outraged and wanted to go in swinging, but instead researched our state laws. It is the legal responsibility of those who are entrusted with our children to protect them both physically and emotionally from harms way – it goes with the job.

    look up your states laws and go in armed with the knowledge of what protection your child is entiled to. action is more effective than reaction

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