There may not necessarily be easy answers out there, but there are other parents dealing with preschool bullies.  Whether your child is the bully or victim, I believe the answers are hard to find, but if we talk about potential solutions instead of just being surprised, we may at least learn to protect our children by trying out suggestions.  Visitors to my site are looking for “how to handle preschool age bullies,”  “preschooler no longer wants to go to school,” “how to make a preschooler behave,” and “bullies hitting back.”  And those visits are just from the past two days, but lots of folks are just visiting.  If you’re looking at how to deal with these problems, I would like to invite you again to leave a comment.  What are you dealing with, and what are you looking for?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but maybe I can find one for you.  Parents out there are exploring their problem publically, too.  A site I found today has a fresh entry this week on this very problem.  You might want to check out “Twins Beautiful Life” here

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3 Responses to “Others”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    What a great invitation, Mike. I think that you really have something here that you can develop into a great blog after class is over. There have got to be hundreds of parents out there who are dealing with what you are, and I love the fact that you are concerned for the well being of the bully and his family, too. I hope you continue to find a lot of information so you can help your own family as well as the other people who are finding your blog. 🙂

  2. TwinsbeautifulMind Says:

    Great to know from your blog that other parents are facing similiar situation as me. I am glad there’s someone like yourself trying to suggest and seek solutions for managing school bullies. That would be great help to parents.
    I would also like to share that, in fact, after the school bullying incident, we’ve decided to teach the kids to be mildly offensive to the bullies and it works!

  3. Different Perspective Says:

    After stumbling across this site and sifting through the many blogs on preschool bullies I wanted to take the time to provide a fresh perspective. I’m writing from the perspective of a professional in the early childhood field.

    In typically developing children there is a huge range in abilities to regulate emotion and to empathize (yes, this is a learned skill). Early childhood educators are faced with the daunting task of helping all children in their classrooms develop physically, intellectually and emotionally. In most cases we can help children learn appropriate ways of interacting with others.

    For the child who impulsively hits or bites, we help them develop empathy. They need to learn that hitting hurts “look at my friend, he’s crying because you hit him”. We help children understand that “gentle touches” are appropriate for friends and we give them opportunities to practice gentle interactions.

    For the child who gets hit or bitten, we help them to become more assertive. We teach them to firmly say “STOP! I don’t like that”. We must empower children and teach them to stand up for themselves.

    It is our job, and yours, to help children on all sides of this issue to learn how to handle these situations. I am in this field to make a difference in the lives of children and families. I am thrilled that our preschoolers can identify letters and letter sounds, and that every day new math, literacy, and language skills are emerging. Equally thrilling is the sound of children managing conflicts in appropriate ways.

    My hope is that every time our children face a new situation whether it is good or bad, it can be used to help them grow into adults who are able to navigate through lifes many difficult situations.

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